The Government Should Have The Right To Attend College After High School

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Some people feel the government should help the undocumented students get a good college education while others state the opposite. This is a big issue around the United States because many undocumented studentst will like to get the privilage on getting a good future but others dont give that privilage to them. This is important because every year there are more and more undocumented people in the United States, it's about students getting into college. Not the other way around; people who already had the chance to attend and have a career. Most illegal students were brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age. It was possibly not their choice but their parents want a better career for them but the government is not giving them a chance. Should the government help undocumented students get into college? Undocumented students should have the right to attend college after high school, because everyone deserves to attend, it could make a difference in our society. 'It's against the law to descriminate against any student group', all students from any race, religion, or any sort of background should not be left out of a group. They should be able to attend college just like the rest of us. Not everyone has the ability and the standards to meet requirements for college, but knowing an illegal student doesnt have the opportunity to attend, brings hopes down for many of them. Undocumented students could bring up test scores, which many dont realize. What will they be