The Graduate

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The Graduate
The Graduate is 1967 film that was based on a 1963 novel, The Graduate. I have viewed both the screenplay and the trailer of this film. The trailer took important scenes and presented them in such ways that could actually change the plot of the movie in some ways. The trailer combined so many key shots of the film that gives you just enough to engage you emotionally and spark your curiosity. As the trailer begins you immediately hear an asynchronous sound (Sikov, 79) of background music. The song playing is The song of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel ( The trailer opens up with a long shot of a young man sitting outside in front of a fountain and there’s a flag waving right above him. The camera then cuts to an extreme long high shot to capture the entire landscape of the university and students walking around the campus behind the young man. The next few shots are various close-up shots complied together that shows several people coming up to Ben rubbing his head and hugging him congratulating him on his graduation. You hear a one lady ask him “what are you going to do now?” And his reply was “I was going to go upstairs for a minute”. This showed that he was definitely clueless that the question pertained to his future career. In the first thirty seconds of the trailer you are already aware that the movie is based on a guy named Ben who just graduated college and with only a few spoken words you can derive to the conclusion that he is undecided about his future. The trailer then shoots to a close-up shot of Ben sitting in front of an aquarium with a very depressed look on his face. From this shot you can assume that Ben is troubled or in some sort of way.
A nervous looking Ben is seen sitting with a drink in his hand staring at something or someone. You then see a women who he refers to as “Mrs. Robinson” sitting on a chair with a cigarette in her hand giggling as she lifts her leg onto a chair. This is an eyeline match shot due to the fact that you see Ben staring at someone but you don’t actually see the person and in the very next shot you see Mrs. Robinson staring back at Ben, but you don’t see physically see Ben in this shot. In the next shot Ben is now standing up in front of Mrs. Robinson, but you only see her leg that she has raised up on a chair next to her. The framing of the camera is shooting Ben through the opening under Mrs. Robinson’s leg. You hear him say “You’re trying to seduce me” and she giggles and then he ask “aren’t you”. This to me implies he was confused but yet curious as well when he asked for confirmation. Also, from this shot you can assume that “Mrs. Robinson, is married. It’s never shown in this clip whether or not Mrs. Robinson confirmed or denied Ben’s allegations. The trailer then immediately takes you to another scene where Ben and Mrs. Robinson are sitting at a table in an establishment. They exchange a few words regarding if Ben had gotten a room. So this leads you to believe that they are in a hotel and Ben’s allegations may have been true but it also tells you that he may have taken her up on the offer. In the next scene you see the both Ben and Mrs. Robinson in a low key lit room and she’s is trying to remove her clothing and states that she’s about to get undressed as a nervous he watches as the scene ends. This leads viewers to assume that believe that they have had sexual intercourse but it is not shown. In the film they do engage in sexual intercourse for the first time, not realizing that this would be a full on affair. In the next scene you see Ben and a younger women sitting in what looks like a car, due to part of the steering wheel that you see in the corner of the shot. With a concerning look on her face she asks Ben “Are you having an affair with someone?” This raises eyebrows as it makes you wonder what made her ask that question and also who is this young woman. She calls him Benjamin which makes me think she close to him, maybe a