Essay about The Graduate - Transition from Classical Hollywood

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The Graduate (1967) falls into the most common category of the three styles of film, classicism. Classicism is normally a fictional film that evades the distant factors of the realism films and the formalist films. In The Graduate, the director, Mike Nichols, focuses on the mystifying tone of the film with his exploitation of lighting, camera angles, and shadows. This utilization allowed Nichols to deviate away from Classical Hollywood focus on norms and societal issues of before compared to the rebellious era of 60's to 70's. Although the American society had its own ideals, demonstrating this movie represented a part of that society only that no one talked about it; which was clearly sex. The main themes of the film are rebellion and isolation. These themes are emphasized by the sharp use of camera angles to convey out specific emotions. Dark rooms with shadows are used to a great extent in this film. The director shows Benjamin’s room as dark and shadowy to relate to his personality. Furthermore, the casting of huge shadows on the walls of both homes makes you feel that idea is to have the characters’ shallowest secrets and attributes overshadow the characters themselves. The constant use of water either in the fish tank or in the swimming pool proves the fact that Benjamin is entrapped and isolated. Likewise, the scuba scene illustrates how Benjamin is drowning in doubtfulness. In the depressing montage of Ben floating around in a pool and jumping into bed repeatedly…