The Gramophone German Immigrant Emile Berliner Essay

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the gramophone- german immigrant emile berliner remover the tin foil & replaced with flat disk
"mary had a little lamb" copies called records time: prior to phonographs, an individual had to be at a performance at that moment in order to enjoy a musician; the phonograph radio had begun to reenact and record major news stories on wax cylinders. rya founded in 1919, sold radios as entertainment radio argued they should be exempt from paying because it benefitted musicians recordings became biggest segment of money for the ASCAP
LPs, 78s, 45s, and stereo all primary until the 1980s when first tapes then CDs took over went from analog to digital recordings in 1979 (walkman) 1984- portable cd player before the phonograph- "tin pan"- due to cheap pianos jazz, ragtime, blues- african american areas of america, one of the most popular rhythm and blues- played a central role in the formation of R&B. sound was "sexy and exciting" played by black musicians. elvis presley- "white boy who can sing colored" thats all right mama- first hit song died in 1977 od
1959- brought end of the era, elvis drafted into army, little richard went gospel, buddy holly died plane crash, jerry lee lewis married his 13 yr old cousin when he was 23 amrican youth- alienated white youth were introduced to black culture through music british invasion- 1964, the beatles took the us by storm rolling stones- more polarizing and sexual then the beatles…split to just rock led zeppelin- began 1968 with plant page