The Grapes Of Wrath: A Short Story

Words: 700
Pages: 3

eaving home the first time had been simple. God's relentless tirade of of abuse had driven them away and neither had ever regretted it. However, this town, the store, Jerry and Betty, the entire town and its friendly, non-judgemental community had been their safe-haven. Though, they didn't have much of a life, at least the one they did have was safe and secure and they were accepted for who they were.

No-one lectured them and no-one violated their privacy, although the elderly couple had always made it clear that they were there to speak to if the need or desire to do so ever arose. That had been proven true now and it expanded the love he felt. The possibility of never seeing them again almost killed him inside.

He peered at Eve and gathered
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As did Jerry's expression and tone. The man knew. Not the details, but he knew that people would die by Adam and Eve's hands, and he'd provided his approval.

And Adam knew as well. That Jerry, too, had killed, and that he'd forgive any acts that Adam and Eve committed, no matter how heinous. "I don't know how much to thank you," he whispered, before Jerry turned to Eve and with the gun stuffed away, Adam rose back to his feet.

"She's the smartest women I know." He managed a smile, and wrapped his arms around her waist, " as Betty
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He wrapped an arm around Eve, kissed the top of her head, "It's okay, Evie. This is our true home and it always will be. We'll return to help Jerry and Betty run the store. I promise. " If he couldn't keep that promiser, he'd die trying. "Let's go."

Always aware of the time right time to remain silent and the right one to speak, Jerry did the former when he tapped a key against Adam's shoulder. The boy turned to accept it, thanked the man with nod and mouthed, "I love you," to both him and Betty.

"So, shall I let you drive?" Adam dangled the vehicle key in front of Eve's face. "Nothing could be scarier than that, right?" His expression had lightened and a touch of humour glinted in his eyes. Even in the darkest of times, such as when they'd been locked in the hallway closet together to wait David's return home to face his wrath, jesting with Eve had provided solace. With the elderly couple watching on, seeking comfort in the arms of each other, he pressed a hand to her back, collected their bags, and maneuvered his sister to the door. Outside, sat the decrepit pickup truck Jerry had gifted them. "We'll stop at a bank along the way to withdraw all our money, then burn our ID. That way no-one will be able to track us, or know who we are. We'll be ghosts in the dark, Evie." At least until they reached God's den, and the war commenced in