The Great Band Trip

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Jason hooker-Pomare
Rough Draft Essay #2
PID: 4515387 The Great Band Trip

Often we sit and reflect upon our decisions or choices that we’ve made. Some people reflect upon it and see regret others look upon it with happiness so is their really a good or bad choice? Or are there just two simple things choices and consequences the good and the bad really don’t exist, because society creates the definition of what is good and what is bad. This story is the pivotal climax of a chain of choices and consequences in my life. I awoke that morning to the barking complaints of my dog, and the sharp needle like pains in my head. What a horrible start to what was supposed to be a great day. Today was my marching bands annual band trip. My band trips were always fun and exciting we spent 3 days at theme parks in Orlando and stayed in a good hotel and got free food normally I greet them with endless joy and anticipation, but everything changed since last year. Last year I met this girl named Marimar yes it was quite a unique name, and that was one of the main things I liked about her. Point is we hit it off and by the end of the trip we were dating good right? Wrong! Her parents don’t like me and from that time until now her parent’s believe we are broken up. Mari and I have been dating in secret ever since, and the problems with that are her parents are at every single band trip and every single band event I can’t even go near her and it was my senior year, so as far as I was concerned this band trip was going to be the worse one yet. I got out of bed let my dog out and began to load my car with my suitcase. Once I was done I said bye to my parents and drove off to get to my school once I got there my friends were already there waiting excited. “Jason did you remember to bring enough money for the reservations I made at that new Disney restaurant?” my friend Gabriel asked “Yeah I did.” I answered not like I was looking forward to it anyway. You see on top of not being able to spend time with Mari My groups of friends were all pretty much coupled up except my friend Shaul. Gabriel was here with his girlfriend Aixa, and Christian was here with his girlfriend Jackie, so now that introductions are in order lets skip the annoying bus ride of watching my friends suck face and get to the Park. At this point I was pretty bitter the only thing I was looking forward to was the end of the trip, and my Friends could tell I was very upset. We were at Magic kingdom and we were ahead of schedule we had already finished all the popular rides twice. That’s when I got a