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She was the mother of the dionne quintuplets

She was the mother and people feel bad about her ...

He was the father dionne quintuplets

The father had the girls after a few years later

He was the guardian of the dionne quintuplets

He was taking care of the girls and at the same time he was making money with them

She was the lady from the radio

She was famous so the people hear her about what she say of the girls

Father Mr. Dione

Doctor Dr.Dafoe

Announcer Helena

Nurse Lende

She was the nurse who was taking care of the dionne quintuplets

She did lead the mother see the girls

He was the Prime Minister during August 12, 1896 – January 5, 1953

He took the girls from the parents to give them to the doctors and the government could make money

They were journalist

He post he picture of the girls in the newspaper so everyone knew them

He was the uncle of the dionne quintuplets

He told the journalist




The Uncle

about the girls

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II , The Great Depression started in 1930 and it finished in 1939. The girls help to the government of canada with the money that the people was paying for watch them in the clinic , the economy of canada was going up because there were a lot of people paying and traveling to Canada to see them.

The Great