The Great Depression And The New Deal In GA

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Chapter22: the Great Depression and the New Deal in GA
Section I----

I. Response to the Great Depression a. After 1929 stock market crash, America experienced a growing unemployment rate , many citizens lost homes and farms. b. FDR termed his programs of change the NEW DEAL. II. Life in Depression GA a. Some companies still got profit---coca cola, and Stuckey's (peanut) b. Atlanta became home for many escaping from the countryside, leading to more overcrowding in the poor areas. c. Community chest organizations raised funds, but they were quickly used up d. Many families began to barter goods, rather than using cash.
Section II--I. A bank holiday and banking reform a. Congress passed a bank bill to help bankers reopen their banks. b. FDIC --- to insure that depositors wont lose their money c. Commercial banks---perform services for business d. Investment banks---raised funds for the growing companies and the government

II. Agricultural Adjustment Administration a. AAA act specified how much a farmer could grow of a specific crop b. Farmers could received a subsidy, it came from the companies' taxes. c. Large landowners benefitted the most d. After the AAA was discontinued, when farmers plant new crops, instead of crops which harmed the soil including cotton and tobacco, they will got bonuses. New crops, such as soybeans III. The civilian Conservation Corps a. CCC---employed men between 18-25 years old to work on projects to help American's environment b. They planted trees, drained swampy land and built parks IV. Other programs a. NIRA--tried to regulate industry's production b. Labor unions c. PWA--public works administration. Based on public things and created jobs. Its project included dams, airports and schools.
V. Opposition a. Cost too much b. Eugene Talmadge felt relief should only come from private agencies c. Then thousands of textile workers walked off jobs on strike. Section III I. 1935 and Beyond a. Millions of Americans remained out of work b. Ed Rivers let GA participate in