The Great Gatsby Essay

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Allie Stenstream 12-10-12

The title of the book I am currently reading is called Forever by Judy Blume. This book is about a young couple love story. It involves a young girl who encounters in her first sexual experience. Like most young women when your in love and young you may do some stupid things. For this young girl she wants it to be something special and mean something to her and her boyfriend. Throughout the book she matures, gains confidence, and learns more than just what it means to have a sexual relationship. The setting takes place in their town called Westfield, where the main character Katherine attends high school in her senior year. Although the book starts off in Summit, where her best friend Erica’s cousin Sybil lives where they attended a news year eve party, which later she meets her future boyfriend Michael, the other main character. The main conflict in the book is that it’s love at first sight for Michael and Katherine at this party. Katherine wants her first experience with a boy to mean something and she’s head over heels for Michael so she wants him to be her first. Except she wanted to be in a relationship with him first, which later on they then became boyfriend and girlfriend. Even though she wants to loose her virginity to him she also said she does not want to loose her virginity for the sake of loosing it, she wants the emotions to be attached with it and wants them to last “forever”. The issue of sex comes up early in hers and Michaels relationship and it’s a big decision for her. She’s a little scared and doesn’t know what to do because she didn’t think she’d have to make a decision that quickly and she really thought about it and if that was really what she wanted to do. Once they did it there was no taking it back. Then Katherine’s mother wants to test their love with a summer apart from each other. Which then creates the conflict of her loosing her virginity to him. She was torn because now she was ready and this put it on hold for her. However, separated for the summer by Katherine’s work, she finds herself aware of the limitations of the relationship and becomes attracted to a tennis instructor, Theo, who is older and more experienced in life. She takes responsibility for breaking this news to Michael when he comes