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Orientation and Welcome Letter
English 1301 Section P26
Composition/Rhetoric I
Collin College August 27, 2012 Welcome to the course!

We meet Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM in H-121 (1st floor of the Heritage Building). Class attendance is mandatory.

Even though this course meets onsite here at the College, we will also use Blackboard to help make our overall learning experience more productive and meaningful. Accessing Blackboard and Its Functions By the morning of August 27, the College activates your Blackboard courseware where we will communicate outside of class and where you will respond to the weekly discussion questions. To locate your course offered in Blackboard, type in the College’s web page address ( in your web browser and login to Cougar Web using your password and pass code provided to you by the College. Click on the "My Courses" tab and then click on your course listed in the “My Courses” channel; it will take you to your Blackboard course beginning the first day of the semester. Please identify immediately any technology "issues" you are experiencing in connecting to Cougar Web or Blackboard's website. The College's Help Desk for Web Services can be accessed through menus and links on the college's main web site or in the “Web Links” specified in the Blackboard menus as

I recommend you contact them today if you believe you have any issues requiring immediate resolution.

Textbook Purchase Information

Order or purchase your textbook for the class no later than the first day of the course.
The only texts you are required to use in this course are Write Now and A Pocket Style Manual. Sufficient quantities are available from the campus Bookstores or from area resellers. Link to the College Bookstore’s website and you can then find this text and its ISBN number.

Technology Learning Skills and Support

You should definitely click on the online Blackboard tutorial that you can access at the college's Distance Learning link: It will help you learn to access your Blackboard website, overcome any initial confusion or anxiety, and also be ready for the first week's assignments. You can also visit the eCollin Learning Center (formerly the Teaching and Learning Center or TLC) that is located on the first floor of the L Building. To be successful in using Blackboard to communicate and respond online to your weekly essay questions, you should know how to disable pop-up blockers, know how to download and upload files and attachments, and have basic Internet navigation skills.

Minimum Requirements of Your Computer System

| Windows | Apple | OS (Operating System) | XP, Vista, 7 | Mac OS 10.3 and higher | Access to the Internet | DSL, (High-speed is preferred) cable, satellite, fiber | Web Browser | Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8;
Mozilla Firefox 2 and higher | Safari 2 and higher;
Mozilla Firefox 2 and higher | Java Runtime
Environment | Required.
Java for Windows | Required.
Java for Apple |

Technology Support Resources at Collin College

For assistance, contact the eCollin Help Desk.

Please be aware that I cannot serve as a technical consultant for problems with your own computer. If the problem involves Blackboard, click on the link above. Should your computer or modem fail, it is your responsibility to acquire access to another during the duration of the course.

If you find you are having trouble accessing the Blackboard website on June 4th, you should immediately call the College's Help Desk so they can walk you through the process. Since there is so much variance as to individual computer systems and Internet service providers, it is best to refer all questions to the staff at the Help Desk rather than asking me.

Completing Course Assignments

Every day you should check your Blackboard website at…