The great Gatsby Essay

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In the great gatsby by f. Scott Fitzgerald, nick caraway is initially the first person narrative as well as the story's participant narrator. The story throughout the book is written in the past tense.

Ostensibly, in the first chapter of this book our participant narrator is being introduced to the readers and right from the very beginning, nicks contradictory self description and positive self evaluation has been put together effectively. Nick caraway being the only observer of peoples action and the events taking place claims that he is 'inclined to reserve all judgements. Nevertheless, immediately after this statement, he appears to loathe and envy Gatsby. Due to the fact that nick caraway functions as fitzgeralds voice throughout the book, this makes us question whether or not he is an unreliable narrator to dictate the story.

Throughout chapter one, nick seems to be giving a very distorted view and introduction of Gatsby. Right after he has shown the acts of prejudice against Gatsby, he describes Gatsby as having 'something gorgeous about him'. This statement brings about utter confusion in nicks character and certifies the overall theme of haziness and distortion in the eyes of the characters in the great Gatsby.
Furthermore, Fitzgerald creates irony from Nick saying after “a sense of fundamental decencies is parcelled out at birth”. Henceforth, this particular contradiction portrays to the readers that Nick is a unreliable narrator.

This acknowledgment is a satisfactory argument and judgment towards the character of nick, one of the first things the reader learns about him is something