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English 10 Honors - Period 9
10 June 2013
Character Journal: Nick Carraway
Dear Journal, I have finally come to realize that I do not belong in the East, but rather back in Minnesota. The people around here are all incredibly wealthy and could never possibly understand how unfair this world really is. I believe that this place lacks a sense of morality and honesty. I like the West more because life is much simpler and more peaceful than in the city. It seems there are three types of people around here: those that inherit their fortunes, those that cheat in order to live lavishly, and those that actually work all their life and strive for success. Mr. Gatsby turned out to be one of those people that took the easy route to success and had no shame in doing so. So many things have happened all at once, starting with Myrtle's death and then the tragic passing of Mr. Gatsby, at least to me. I now understand how careless and greedy everyone around here is. All these people care about is money and are never satisfied. Especially Tom who felt absolutely no remorse for helping Wilson find Mr. Gatsby and kill him, he even said, "What if I did tell him? That fellow had it coming to him" (Fitzgerald 178). Tom and Daisy also moved after Mr. Gatsby passed away and left without any farewells. They didn't bother to stay for his ceremony - how despicable. In addition to Tom and Daisy, I am also terribly disgusted with Gatsby's other so called friends. Whenever he would throw one of his extravagant parties, people would line up outside his door. However, for his funeral no one had even cared to come by and pay their respects, except a few servants of his and his proud father. Even Gatsby's partner in crime, Meyer Wolfsheim, didn't want to "get mixed up in it in any way. [He kept] out" (Fitzgerald 171). Some friends they turned out to be; I just feel terrible that Gatsby had no one close to him in the end. Also I think that Gatsby went too far with his love for Daisy. He thought that the past would just repeat itself because money could do anything. He