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The Great Gatsby
Sandra Barco
American Lit
Mr. Peskin

During the roaring twenties social class was an important aspect of society. Scott Fitzgerald writes the Great Gatsby. He symbolizes “The American Dream” by the elaborate life of the rich and famous. He introduces Gatsby the millionaire that was once in love with Daisy who is related to the narrator of the story a second cousin once removed. Gatsby is drafted to the war and loses contact with his first love Daisy and hopes to win her back through his illegal activities making him a millionaire. The dream however, is never achieved, because of jealousies Gatsby is killed and the American Dream came to an end.

This novel starts off with Nick Carraway introducing his life prior to moving to West Egg. He gives a quote that his father gave to him in his younger years, “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” Nick also states that “Only Gatsby the man who gives his name to this book was exempt from his reaction-Gatsby who represented everything for which he scorned.”
The story starts off spring of 1922 when Nick first arrives in West Egg. There are two Eggs, East and West Egg, West egg being the least fashionable of the two. His cousin Daisy and her husband Tom live in East egg. Nick goes for a visit there to see Daisy. Her husband Tom gets a phone call during dinner which turns out to be from his mistress Mrytle. He is also introduced to Jordan Baker who turns out to be an amateur golfer. While visiting Tom invites him to meet his mistress and takes him to New York to their