The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby: Lust and Other Drugs They say that the love of money is the root of all evil. Wealth is one of the most dangerous aspects to have. Its corrupts a person; its like suicide to one’s identity.
Guess Gatsby had to find that out the bad way.He dreamed so much about finally becoming more than he was categorized as and he conformed to the patterns of becoming/being “wealthy.” What he didn’t expect was the consequence that comes with it. It all goes back to when Gatsby was first known as James Gatz; his real name. He was just an average little farm boy growing up with old, dust farmer parents. He grew up with dreams of having greater glory. Even had a lady love, named Daisy, that he would’ve given his all for. Sadly, they never worked out because he wasn’t financially stable enough to start a family of his own with her. One day while sailing on his little boat, with heavy waves were smacking him back and forth, he noticed a yacht nearby, owned by alcoholic billionaire, Dan Cody. It was about to crash into the shore until Gatsby saved his tail and steered him to safety. Ever Since then Dan taught Gatsby everything he knows. After Dan passed away, Gatsby was certain that he would receive all Dan had left behind. But… Gatsby was blind­sided out of his hard earned inheritance of Dan’s skrilla because everything went to his family.
Overtime; about 5 years, Gatsby went M.I.A. He went off to fight during WWI. However, when the war ended, a lot of men became stranded in Europe due to the amount of people needed to get home and lack of other things. Luckily, one thing a lot of the

countries offered was to educate the soldiers until they were able to get home.
Therefore Gatsby did study at Oxford for a period after the war because he was a vet.
While he was out there he gained a lot of shady business connections; bootlegging.
Thats how he struck his sudden wealth which astonished everyone.
The author, Fitzgerald, uses Gatsby’s spontaneous fortune to represent proof the
American Dream is still possible. But, as a contradiction