The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald Essay

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Alyssa Rodriguez

The Great Gatsby
Scott F. Fitzgerald

One sentence summary per chapter 9 chapters

Chapter 1:
A young man from Minnesota named Nick Carraway (who seems to be the narrator) who does not exactly fit the status of West Egg, moves next door to the mysterious and quizzotic millionaire, Jay Gatsby, whom he sees staring across the lake at a green light quite a lot. Chapter 2: Nick, Tom and Gatsby go off to New York, Nick gets drunk for the second time ever in his life and Tom’s Mistress, Myrtle, who accompanies them, ends up getting a broken nose from Tom for talking bad about Daisy Buchanan, Toms wife. Chapter 3: Nick attends his first ever Gatsby party, while there he realizes he knew Jay
Gatsby as for they were both in WWI. Chapter 4: Gatsby takes Nick to lunch and tells him about himself and his life, They run into a good friend Jordan and the idea of inviting Daisy (whom Jordan informs Nick, that Gatsby is still in love with) to tea without Tom and have Gatsby “Casually” drop by, so they can meet again. Chapter 5:
When Gatsby drops by to Nick's house and Daisy is there things don't go as well as planned but they all go across to explore Gatsby's house, after a brief tour of the mansion
Nick leaves Daisy and Gatsby alone together, this is the turning point where the former lovers meet. Chapter 6: Gatsby’s past is revealed, Tom and Daisy attend one of Gatsby’s parties together, while Tom gets the names and numbers of pretty women, Gatsby is trying to convince Daisy to say she never loved Tom so they (Daisy and Gatsby) can wipe out her marriage and start again. Chapter 7: Tom finds out about