The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Essay

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Analyse one theme that occurs in Chapter 1
In the opening chapter we notice that Fitzgerald implies the importance of wealth and status in the novel, “The Great Gatsby”. This theme is greatly explored throughout chapter one as we see Nicks prime motivation to move to New York is in order to chase the American dream. In hope of becoming a successful business man. “I decided to go east and learn the bond business”. However we know that Nick comes from an aristocrat family and so he challenges his perception of chasing the American dream. This is because at the moment we understand that he is using his father’s money therefore shows the lack an independence and so contradicts the idea of the American dream.
On the other hand Fitzgerald contradict Nicks position with Tom and daisy’s by describing their luxury rich lifestyles that they have created from their own independence. Therefore they have created a high social status amongst the community.
Also Fitzgerald has separated New York from the West Egg home to the new rich and the East Egg home to the aristocrat families. This indicates that Fitzgerald has describe New York just for a place of money status and hierarchy to show the materialistic values of the character’s Tom, Daisy and Gatsby.
Fitzgerald describes daisy as being extremely self-centred and materialistic this is shown when she said “I’ll hope she’ll be a fool-the best thing a girl can be is a beautiful little fool”. This explains Daisy’s non-maternal nature and shows the effects of living a materialistic life