The Great Gatsby Green Light Analysis

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F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote a novel called The Great Gatsby. One of the symbols he mentioned is the green light. The green light at the end of daisy's dock symbolizes gatsby's hopes and dreams. It symbolizes everything that haunts him and attract him. It shows the emotional and physical things between gatsby and daisy. It shows in between the past and present and promises in the future. Gatsby craves green things such as money because the powerful lure the green light it has on him. The color green is everywhere in The Great Gatsby book. For example, in chapter 1 Gatsby bought a house across the bay from daisy to be closer to her and nobody knows that Jay wants daisy. In the story Gatsby is standing outside his house staring in a gaze. …show more content…
At the end of chapter 3 the readers finds out that Gatsby had a relationship with Nick’s cousin, daisy years ago. Nick realizes that gatsby is trying to reunite with daisy. Nick Carraway follows Gatsby plan to get closer to Daisy. In the story the reader knows that Daisy is married to Tom. In chapter 5 Gatsby decided to be creepy and tell daisy that he can see her house and the green light on her pier. Gatsby manipulates people to get what he wants. For example, Gatsby told nick to invite daisy to Nick’s tea party and gatsby would show up and see daisy there. Gatsby wants money, success, acceptance, and daisy. No matter how much he has he feels it's not good enough. No matter how many people comes his way he still wants daisy and nobody else. The green light stands for all of gatsby longings and wants. Gatsby believes that the American Dream doesn't exist without daisy. I selected this symbol because when we was reading the book in class and Mrs.Striblen mentioned the green light and I wanted to learn more about the green light. I wanted to know why is it called a green light and what is stands for. I believe that the green light is most important and memorable out of all the symbols but my