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Reading Response Literature Log The Great Gatsby – F. Scott

Reading Response: Ch. 1­2
Nicks love for Gatsby has me kind of confused. I don’t understand where the love has come from or why he thinks he is such an inspiration and a good guy. Has he ever talked to him before? I guess I can relate with the fact of having an obsession with someone you don’t know. For example, everyone has a celebrity that they love and have an obsession with. I think it is pretty much the same as the feelings that Nick has towards Gatsby. In the beginning of the book Nick states that his father taught him about not judging people and that is basically what he lived by. What came to my head when I read this was actually what everyone in society tries to say, but if you really think about it, everyone judges someone. If you are meeting someone new for the first time, you are going to go by their first appearance to you and judge them with your perception of what they look like as to who they really are. In chapter 2 it explains how Nick went with Tom to his lovers house and they take her back with them. They end up throwing a party and the neighbors all come and Nick gets drunk for only the second time ever.
First off, in my opinion, the affair part of the book is completely wrong. I’m very against cheating and the way people can lie to their husbands/wives is crazy to me. Tom and
Daisy and Myrtle obviously don’t wanna be with their spouses so why are they together with them anyways and not with the people they want to be with? At the end of the chapter they mention that Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose after she keeps calling out Daisy’s name. A man should never touch a girl in a physical and mean matter. That is such a terrible thing.

Reading Response: Ch. 3­4
Nick and Jordan attend a party at Gastby’s house in which they end up meeting Mr.
Gatsby and also says they were in the war together at the same time. I believe this was such an inspiration to Nick because he has finally met his hero in life. Just being able to talk to him and relate to him probably made him a changed person because he realizes that you don’t always have to drink and party to have a good time, Mr. Gatsby seems to be a very classy man. I like how Nick tells us about his life more because it honestly did seem like he only enjoyed the parties in New York. My question for this chapter is why does Gatsby have a lot of parties and invite a lot of people over if he doesn’t even socialize or be a part of his own party. It makes me think that he might be a spy just like some of the people think. Nick and Gatsby go to lunch in the fourth chapter and Nick ends up finding out some of his life. Although some of it seemed very skeptical, which i agree about. The fact that the cop just let him go without a ticket for speeding is very questionable. Also in this chapter Jordan tells Nick what the meeting was about with
Gatsby, and it turns out that he is in love with Daisy. I feel like there is a bigger story behind Daisy and Gatsby than what is being said to Jordan.

Reading Response: Ch. 5­6
What I really don’t like about Gatsby is that he thinks he can buy his way into things just so that he can get what he wants. He is basically bribing Nick to make him get him and
Daisy together. Using your money is not a way to get the things that you want, especially if you know you can’t get it yourself. What is also crazy to me in this chapter is that Daisy doesn’t even hesitate for Gatsby when she sees him, like they have both changed a lot, mostly Daisy, but they still seem to fall for each other. That happens in a bunch of different love stories but I really don’t seem to understand how they can go for so long without seeing other and then automatically fall in love again. Knowing some of
Gatsby’s background makes me feel a little bit better about him because now we know he isn’t