The Great Gatsby Review Essay

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It has ranked among the greatest American literatures ever published, it was

written by the legendary novelist, F Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is a magnificent

work that portrayed the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy Americans of the Jazz Age. A tale

which focus on a mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby(Leonardo DiCaprio) who would do

anything to win back the love of Daisy Buchanan(Carey Mulligan), a married woman. Baz

Luhrmann,the director behind the 1996 film Romeo + Julietthe, now have brought

Fitzgerald's greatest work to life. Released by the Warner Bros. Pictures on May 10th, 2013

across the cinemas of United States. The Great Gatsby is must watch if you're a fan of

Leonardo DiCaprio. It has an incredible story plot, and personally I think the visual effects

might've over exaggerated comparing to the novel, but again there's no point of seeing an

adaptation if there isn't a surprise behind it.

It started with Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) , a western writer who came to New

York to pursue his American Dream. Nick narrated an experience during he stay in Long

Island. He was the neighbor of a mysterious man who threw huge parties on weekends, the

man later came to known as Jay Gatsby of West Egg. We later discovered Gatsby brought

his mansion solely to be closer to a woman who loved, as well as the parties he threw,

hoping one day she would blindly attended. Gatsby needed Nick's help to arrange a

meeting that would allow him to meet Daisy Buchannan, who married to an wealthy