The Great Puck Slayer Essay

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Stephan Bazianos
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Stephan, the Great Puck Slayer

O great Gretzky, god of hockey, speak to me of Stephan, the great puck slayer the man that comes sprinting down the ice, and turns men to boys as they moved out of the way and lowered there heads as the god like man would dangle around them and make then look pathetic. He would skate from the line nearest his end, which was painted red from him smashing men’s heads together when they made him angry. He got the great puck slayer name as young boy because not only could he skate around men and they would treat him like Zeus himself but when he would stop, wind up and shoot that’s where he got his nickname. Stephan, the great puck slayer had such a hard shot that the gods would make bets on who would decide to stay in front of it the longest before chickening out and letting it go into the back of the net.
The great puck slayer is like a great war hero with much respect, a respect that everyone knows is there because of many great years of wit in battle. When the war hero walks around after he has come home to either his small village or big city, and he walks around people know he is not by his face, not by the scars that he has earned from battle but by his awesome swagger that he walks with. Men know not to make him angry because although he might be retired, he can still kill a man as quick as a snap of the fingers. You know that any great war hero, will never stop working, never stop fighting, never stop thinking, and never ever letting the opponent get to them. Coming through the darkened halls of his arena, Stephan the great puck slayer so the faces that looked so down as they came into the locker room at the end of the second period waiting for a…