The Great Snadwitch Essay

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Todd Olson Period 2 11/13/12 FRIENDS Everyone has at least a couple of friends. Of those friends, there are boys and girls. Both groups are treated differently no matter if they know if or not. Now there are many different ways they are treated differently and the same. There might be with boys a more over all conversation of sports flying around in it but with girls there might be the sports they play that there talking about. But in many cases there can be similarities between the two groups being female and male say like when at school things everyone talks about is there classes and or other relationships going on in the school. But no matter what these groups of friends will be treated in many different ways and some similar way to. Now there are many differences between the two groups, more differences than similarities that is for sure. Now many of them count on the things that guys are allowed to do like guys are allowed to spend the night and it’s always been that way since we where kids. One thing is the place where we guys like to hang. Of those places a couple of them are a monster truck rally or a strip club or wwe wrestling mania. Another great example of this equation is video games. Guys always seem to be better at video games than girls it’s just natural. So when with guy friends it seems the topic of video games is flying around more and most girls get lost and go talk to someone else. Now not saying girls are bad, there are girls out there that just kick butt, but when with guy friends you talk about it and play those more unless a girl was around then there would be something else to do that she could do and like. A More common thing is well the best thing on earth is food. Now with dudes they usually try to out eat each other or tell stories of the biggest meal they have ever had. Last guys love hot stuff we put it on everything that isn’t hot or, try to out hot someone because like guys are always trying to prove them self as the best. Now there are many differences between the ways girls are treated in a friend relationship. The first topic and there are big differences like I said is food. Now most girls like a good burger now and then but with most of them they like nice gourmet food. So instead of burgers all the time with guys she might won’t some sushi or something she can’t get at home or at fast food chains. Another difference is that most all girls hate hot food and they will try to get rid of every pepper or hot remnant of food on their so just don’t get her anything hot unless she likes it. One thing that isn’t the same is the place you hang with a girl because the places you go with her you wouldn’t even be caught dead with a guy unless under certain circumstances. Of those circumstances on place is the mall shopping for stuff with her or to ballet or a play like the phantom of the opera. Another thing that is different is the way they present themselves. Girls always try to make themselves as appealing as possible and always dress to impress. Another big difference is the way a girl can become more than a friend. Last is maybe the way a girl will always ask for a guy advise on the way she looks say if here butt looks fat or if she looks fine cause usually a guy doesn’t care how he looks he would rather where gym short all the time. Now of all those differences there are a lot of similarities. One of those is music because the group where around