Summary Of Isaac Allerton And Edward Cushbird

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September 6, 1620
Dear Diary,
Today we have now finally set voyage and shall seek upon the new adventures that this beauty will bring upon us. I, along with William Bradford, Isaac Allerton, and Edward Winslow have set together with the following agents of the beauty. They are well known as John Carver and Robert Cushman. We have sent a letter to the ship’s agents stating that we shant agree to the terms and conditions that the ship is assigned of. The terms and conditions of the Mayflower’s contract the massive voyage. The contract is currently being redocumented by Thomas Weston. Thus no individual dothe agree with the contract. It seems as if the problem has been and still is growing to the lengths of time. Some of the sprouting complaints form the future settlers are of unreasonable conditions. Some of the London merchants want to keep half of the housing and land. They think of the settlers having it all to themselves. This shant be held as fair. But the rest of us agree to have only two resting days off from the immense labor rather than being it one. One is accounted for the personal time off and another is accounted for the Sabbath. These egregious problems are causing profane action to be thrown amongst us and to say execrations towards the innocent. Today we have accomplished what every one of our souls had longed for, to set forthe upon the newborn Mayflower ship and to start a new chapter of the Puritans. The contract had still not been agreed for and finalized, thus making it a quite risky voyage among these people. Until then, I will have to prepare myself amongst those terrible conditions by practicing my long life skill, doctoring, caring for the sick, and nursing for the poor. I will have to practice my medical knowledge.
So long,
Dr. Samuel Fuller