Essay on The Green House Effect

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Global Warming Effect on the Earth
By Tyler wood
-The greenhouse effect is something is the needed for humans to live. The greenhouse effect is in the atmosphere and it traps the UV waves and absorbs the energy. The energy that is trapped in the atmosphere is both absorbed and sent back into space. This action heats up the earth and keeps a layer of heat around the earth. The heat that is kept this layer is enough to heat earth during the night because the earth gets cold. We need this heat because the sun is not heating the earth and we need that in order to survive though the night.

-Global Warming is the effect on us that the earth is heating up in result of to many greenhouse gasses. So this means that the earth is heating up in result of human pollutants into the atmosphere. Solar variation contributes to global warming. The greenhouse gasses Carbon Dioxide, Methane help the speeding of the process. This means that the temperatures are increasing and the glaciers are melting. The result of too many UV rays does not help the atmosphere. The UV rays just increase the global warming’s effectiveness on the planet earth. GLOBAL WARMING: CONTRIBUTING FACTORS
-The abundance of greenhouse gasses contributes to global warming. Methane and Carbon Dioxide help the magnitude of the effect of global warming on the planet. The human factor is a huge part in why global warming has such a great effect on the environment. The pollutants that humans expel into the atmosphere are contributing to global warming. The contributors of global warming are gasses like carbon dioxide from cars, factories, and from the industrial companies in the world. The nitrous oxide from farming and agriculture contributes to the effect of global warming.


The effects would that the planet would be warmer than it usually would be in the winter. Plants that prosper in cold weather would die because there isn’t any coldness in the air for them to survive. They wouldn’t have the necessities that they need to live. The animals that live in winter conditions wouldn’t have the same habitat. They would have to learn how to adapt or they would die. Their food supply would be decreased because their food would have to adapt to live. So if they couldn’t the bigger animals that prey upon they would die of starvation. The sea line would rise higher on land and people who live on islands might lose their homes to the rising tide. So because of that people might have to relocate cities because of this phenomenon that is happening to our planet. There would be more hurricanes because there is more warm water around the world. There would be more evacuations of cities because of this. Home would be lost to the natural disasters that would be happening on the world.

-Los Angeles is the most polluted city in America when it comes to year round pollution. Los Angeles you need to clean up your city because people who live in Los Angeles have a high chance of getting cancer. You need to reduce the amount of stalling cars. You need