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In the film “The Green Mile” a man is found at the crime scene holding 2 dead little twin girls in his arms, he is accused of murder with no hesitation. He is sent straight to death row where he is kept in a cell until it is his time to be executed in the electric chair, the film follows this mans time waiting in death row, and how he witnesses a series of unfair treatment from both the prison guards and the prisoners themselves. Little did anyone know that this man had a gift beyond imagination.

In this film 3 of the 4 prison guards experience something that all of us experience at some point or two in our lives, dealing with the most annoying people and having no way at all to avoid them and the only way to get through it is to put up with them. The prison guards learnt to just ignore the annoying person called Percy who likes to make fun of everyone and use his superior contacts to bribe the others and to treat him like a normal person. The guards did their best to be nice to him, this frustrated him the most and he ended up leaving. I have learnt to put up with annoying people as well, like Jordan. I learnt sometimes you have to put up with him and sometimes you have to tell him to be quiet.

At the beginning of the film when the farmer finds John Coffey holding his 2 little girls dead in his arms he doesn’t take the situation very well and gets very angry and lashes out, punching and kicking John regardless of what he says, I feel I would of reacted in exactly the same way, that is your family left dead laying in some strange mans arms with lots of blood it would look so obvious that it was that man who caused their death and I too would be furious and go crazy, lashing out even…