The Green Mile Essay

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Lydia Clark The Green Mile Essay
Mrs. Nichols
Period 3
In the book, The Green Mile, John Coffey may have lived if he wasn’t a black man but because he was black they decided right away that he was guilty. Back in the 1930’s black people were thought of as less compared to white people. John Coffey was innocent when it came to the killing of the twins. He was a black man so when he was caught with the girls in his arms they didn’t even look at the evidence. If John Coffey was a white man they would have examined the evidence better. They did not care what anyone had to say about defending him because he was black and the fact that the little girls were white made the situation worse. Another time John was misunderstood was when he came to the prison and all the guards were scared of him. He was this huge black man that had been said to have killed two little girls. (Even though he did not kill them) Again because John is black he is misunderstood and no one gives him a chance. Paul gives John a chance I believe because after John healed him Paul say something in John that no one else say until he healed Melinda. He was also the only colored person on the E block so no one knew how to act towards him because of that. In addition to him being black and treated like dirt because of that he also was treated differently because of his size. In the 1930’s people didn’t like black people and because of him being huge no one wanted to go near