The Green Movement Essay

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The Green Movement
Katelynn Gregory
CS204: Professional Presence

Almost everyone is aware of the crisis of global climate change. People are told to purchase eco-friendly goods to be eco-friendly themselves. From those earth friendly totes to recycled paper you still buy the same amount if not more. Nothing is stated about consumption so much as to what you buy and in extension from where. For example, you could buy 3 or four different shades of eco-friendly lipstick and be classified as eco-friendly. However, that' not the case. It is more along the lines of quantity. Whether it is eco-friendly or not buying five shades of lipstick over 1 is not being eco-friendly. The goal is to work more on the quantity part, not the brand, or ingredients in it. Not how it was manufactured or from where. How many are you going to purchase? Purchase the bare essentials. A few companies have stated they have gone eco-friendly by only buying what they need and nothing more. We are in a time where we waste and it needs to stop if we truly want to be eco-friendly and prevent any more damage to climate change.

The author is right on the dot with this report. He clearly defines what has happened, what is happening and what should be happening. The equation for any solution has at least those three variables in it. This solution is both usable for personal and professional use.

Before Al Gore's speech "An Inconvenient Truth" saving the planet was not a big thing. No one really knew much, if at all, about global warming. Both in the professional and social world nothing was being done about global warming because it was not a crises. Everyone was wasting, taking more than what they needed. They would not necessarily do it on purpose, but just because they could. That brings a lot more production than what is needed. So more and more manufactures have to produce that much more. With their machinery and heavily polluted work sites they have to become that much more polluted to make the extra people are just throwing out anyways. "It's not a big deal; so who cares!" That's what I would have said back in the day.