The Guide to Help Find Love, Sex and Happines Essay

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The Guide to Help Find Love, Sex and Happiness
To All Parents of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church,
How many of us “Christians” have discussed our faith with someone, saying how great of a Christian you are then the next second turn around and lie to the next person you talk to? We all know that we have done it even though we know it’s a “sin” against God. Yet everyday a lie is told, a cuss word is used and many other “small” sins are committed. So then why are the sins such as murder and adultery viewed as so much worse than a lie? In God’s eyes all sins are equal. One tiny slip of a swear word is equal to shooting somebody in the head at point blank range. Scary isn’t it? Makes you wonder how many times you have “killed” someone then. I wanted to highlight this point of all sins being equal so that hopefully I can set you up with an open mind about what I have to say.
I understand that MDPC is a family oriented church and every parent wants their child to be brought up in the way that they see is best, but that may not be the best way for the child. Most Christian parents hope and (if like mine) emphasized to their children not to have sex before marriage. For some parents it is truly a spiritual and purity reasons. For others, there are combinations of reasons such as young pregnancies or even having a baby when you can’t handle one also the diseases that can be spread etc. Whatever the reason though many Christian families discourage premarital sex since it does oppose what is in the Bible. I am here today to hopefully demonstrate to you that premarital sex is not as “wrong” as society makes it out to be. Also that love helps shape sex into what it should truly be seen as, which is a beautiful bond and unity between partners. Finally, through all of that I hope that as parents you might begin to realize the beauty of sex and not the negative “sinful” side and thus accepting when your children decide to have sex with their partner. By being able to accept your children’s non-harmful actions you are taking the guilt from their shoulders. By growing as Christians the kids are taught about premarital sex and if they decide to engage in it, some feel extreme guilt about it because they not only feel as if they let their parents down but God as well. If as parents you are able to explain to them that sex is more about love and unity between people and less about the hormones and urges then that will greatly help with any guilt or stress that kids have a tendency to put on them. By accepting premarital sex, it demonstrates that you are open to accept your children in other ways (that don’t cause them bodily harm), which can lead to better parent/child relationships.
I first would like to discuss sex and marriage in particular. Most people hope to fall in love and get married. They want to look over at the person sitting next to them and feel warm inside or even when every time their soupse grasps their hand it brings shivers up the spine. Love is a beautiful and wonderful thing and as manly people know sex is a part of that. People who are married can’t deny the fact that they feel drawn to their partners desiring to be one and whole with them, which is something that sex does. Not only that but the Bible actually has a whole book, the book of King Solomon (Songs of Solomon) that describe a relationship between the King himself and a woman, who he ended up marrying but had prior relations to first. “Your lips give me many kisses. Your love is better than wine. Your *perfume smells wonderful. But your name is better than the best *perfume. That is why the young women love you. Take me away with you, and we will run away. Let the king bring me into his room.” (NIV Songs 1:2) In the first couple of verses you can already tell that the two are in love and that sexual relations are occurring, particularly when she asks to be brought to the king’s room. Later in the book though there is evidence of marriage between the two, “My