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The Gun laws in Mississippi should be stricter
Mary Lofton
Kaplan University

One cannot watch television, listen to the radio or read the internet without hearing about a gun tragedy in the United States. Although gun laws vary by state, federal laws are becoming more stringent and states are following suit. However, this is not the case in Mississippi. In the state of Mississippi there are exceptions for a convicted felon to own a gun, the requirements for an individual to obtain a gun are lax and officer safety is at risk because of guns in the community. Because of Mississippi's gun laws it is a matter of time till a newsworthy tragedy occurs, so the gun laws in Mississippi should be stricter. In most states a person who has been convicted of a felony or convicted of any level of domestic violence is not allowed to purchase or possess a gun or bullets. But in the state of Mississippi if a convicted felon obtains a pardon or a rehabilitation certificate from the state they were convicted in they are permitted to acquire a gun. Many will argue that the second amendment does not discriminate against any person or that rehabilitation of a felon should allow them the right to protect themselves. However, statistically many felons become repeat offenders and the state of Mississippi should outweigh the potential victim(s) of gun violence at the hands of a felon against their rights, which were forfeited when they committed a heinous crime. Owning and using a gun is an immeasurable responsibility. In Mississippi, the only requirement for gun ownership is filling out an application. Registration, licensing and permits are not required to purchase or own a gun. This allows for an individual with no experience to use a gun and subsequently increases the chances of dangerous accidents. Changing the law to require training on how to handle, store, clean and use a gun would cut down accidental shooting rates. Although laws for gun dealers are more rigorous, such as keeping a record of every gun they sell or buy, there is no law restricting private citizens in gun dealership. Any individual can purchase a gun without proper identification. Not only…