The Guyana Defence Force

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The Guyana Defence Force was established in the year 1965 with three clearly defined roles; To defend the territorial integrity of Guyana, To assist the civil power in the maintenance of law and order when required to do so, and To contribute to the economic development of Guyana (What is your Source for this information). The first Training Institution to be set up in the Guyana Defence Force was the Training Wing, which was responsible for the training of Infantry Corps Personnel. At first it could only conduct one course at a time for Private Soldiers and Junior Non Commissioned Officers. By 1969 the Non Commissioned Officer Tactics Division was established to train Junior and Senior Non Commissioned Officers. These courses at that time …show more content…
Leaders have different personality traits and styles of leadership, because of uniqueness in personality .Good leaders possess qualities such as, vision, experience, enthusiasm, mentorship, motivation, common sense, honesty, optimistic and loyalty. They must be trustworthy, strong and able to evaluate all situations before taking any action. Undoubtedly, leadership is the most important element of the Guyana Defence Force, it is of utmost importance that military leaders acquire the necessary qualities that leader should possess in order to effectively execute their duties. Command runs from a Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeants all the way up to the Chief of Staff. The Guyana Defence Force have three level of management namely; top, middle and bottom management, where as members of the Senior Non Commission Officers Corps are classified as middle managers(Check back usually captains and lieutenants are considered middle …show more content…
It is the opinion of many Sergeants and the writer of this paper, that if this strategy be implemented it would assist in lifting the sergeant standards and behavior towards accomplishing his task, in doing this the standards of Guyana defence Force would also be improved.

General comments: I think that this paper needs quite a bit of work. It does not address any particular issues in the Guyana Defence Force, but instead addresses the topic for a very general perspective. You need to discuss GDF issues and highlight short comings in the GDF sergeants’ corps. As it stands the paper seems to be a collection of popular leadership quotes and