The Hamster Left On Mars

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The Hamster Left on Mars It was beautiful July day in 1976 when the Viking Lander was set to take off into space. Astronaut “Buck” Anderson was scheduled to join the other space explorers on their journey to the fourth planet from the sun, Mars. “Are you ready for the most thrilling experience of your life?” Astronaut Michael asked little Buck, rhetorically. But of course, Buck cannot reply, because he is a hamster. And hamsters do not speak, only squeak. “Why are you talking to a hamster, Michael?” questioned Astronaut Calum. “Can you believe he would talk to Buck like he is human, Marcel?” “Says the one talking to the monkey,” Michael retorted, quickly. The two brothers always found something to bicker about. As they took off, Brothers Michael and Calum exclaimed in unison, “This is totally wicked!” A 30 minute journey landed them on the surface of Mars. Buck and Marcel started to explore their surroundings. The only thing the furry animals could see were slightly red mountains, dirt, and rocks that looked untouched. While moving behind a ginormous boulder, Buck falls down through a deep hole, into what looks like a living room of a resident of this planet. Buck further investigated his surroundings and found a very formal looking living room belonging to someone who cannot be much larger than him. Suddenly two tiny green and yellow Martians came running out of a separate room at the commotion of Buck’s fall. The two Martians shared a glance and started to scream at the odd looking intruder. “Who is this strange creature, Ashton?” the taller Martian questioned, obviously quite scared by the never before seen hamster. “I am not sure, Luke,’ Ashton said. “Why does it have so much hair?” Ashton and Luke continued to ridicule Buck until they realized he has not said anything, or had any reactions to the encounter himself. Buck seemed unfazed by the entire situation. Luke and Ashton ask Buck every question they can think of and nothing gains any reaction or reply from Buck. Thinking Buck is belittling their authority, Ashton and Luke start to attack little Buck. Both of the small Martians begin to run feverously toward the hamster. Scared, Buck begins to bolt around the room. This cat and mouse game went on for ten minutes before Marcel the monkey decided to go get Michael and Calum for help. Just when Buck thought all hope was lost, and this would have been the end of his adventures, Marcel swooped in, grabbed Buck and monkey tailed them up and out of the Martian’s home. Luke and Ashton swiftly chase Buck and Marcel in a high speed foot pursuit towards the Viking Lander space craft. The Martians