The Harlem Renaissance: Most Influential Moments In Black History

Words: 1841
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The Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissance was one of the most influential moments in black history. The Renaissance was an important part of black culture. It was a time period involving an explosion of black literature, arts, and music. The Harlem Renaissance had a powerful upbringing. The Renaissance had an impact on people then as well as now. African American culture today continues to be shaped by the Harlem Renaissance. Firstly, the background for the Harlem Renaissance is very interesting. The Harlem Renaissance was not the only name for the movement. People also called the movement The New Negro Movement, The New Negro Renaissance, and The Jazz Age (Humanities Texas). It started in the 1920’s. It was a time of creativity, racial pride, and culture. The Harlem Renaissance spread its influences across the United States and then the world. The Renaissance started in Harlem New, York, by competitive people that had many original ideas. In the Renaissance, no two people had the same mind; they all were creative, but in different ways (U.S. History). The Renaissance was famous for its originality and individualism. The Great Migration was one of the main causes …show more content…
If the Renaissance hadn’t happened, then we would know little about black music, literature, and art (U.S. History). The 1970’s was the age of rap. It was where rap originated. In the 1970’s, some parents started not letting their children listen to some of the new music for the time because they thought it was too inappropriate. Parents simply didn’t want their children listening to music that would “put wrong ideas in their heads”. Black artists started developing more hip-hop songs within the 1970’s and 1990’s. There were also many popular African American funk artists in the 1970’s (Soultracks). The 1970’s was one of the most important eras. Without the 1970’s, rap would be