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I think this course is pretty crap. Wait a minute, did I say think, I think that's an understatement. Actually, the course is not that bad, but I don't feel motivated to read. When I did read, the prof wouldn't help me understand gaps in my understanding. So, if I am expected to just be OK with gaps in my knowledge then why should I bother reading tonnes and tonnes of cases!

We cannot interview all our applicants in the time available, so we shortlist slightly over half in order to interview around three applicants for every place. We use the information from the test (the total score, and how it is made up) together with all the details of your UCAS application and information about school background to decide who to shortlist. The Admissions Test is set with the aim of being approachable by all students, including those without Further Mathematics A-level, and those from other educational systems (e.g. Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers). It aims to test the depth of mathematical understanding of a student in the fourth term of their A-levels (or equivalent) rather than a breadth of knowledge.

How to register for the MAT
You will sit the test in either your school or a local test centre. Any school can register to become a test centre, following the instructions on the Admissions Testing Service website. The school must then register you for the test via the Entries Extranet. Although your school has to do this, it is your responsibility to make sure your school…