The Hate and Cate Essay

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( The Triple Jewel • also known as the Three Refuges: help to follow Buddha’s teaching • Triple Jewel • The Buddha: the guide • The Dharma: the path • The Sangha: the teachers/ companions along the way • Are monks and nuns • Live on monasteries and carry on the Buddha’s teaching • Sangha: harmonious community • Buddha, Dharma, Sangha all work together towards enlightenment • Recite in front of monk/nun • I go to the Buddha for refugee • I go to the Dharma for refugee • I go to the Sangha for refugee • Taking refugee is the step to enlightenment
( Becoming a Buddhist Monk • There are 2 steps to become a monk • 1st step:takes place when a boy/girl is 7/8 years and enters a monastery as a novice : undertakes the Ten Precepts and acts as an attendant to a senior monk : senior monk is responsible for teaching the novice rituals, philosophy, scriptures and anything else necessary • 2nd step : ordination occurs @ the age of 20 and is able to read, write and chant a few simple text : once ordained the monk must- • shave his head as a sign of rejecting vanity • Take a religious name • Wear appropriate robes • upon ordination the monk renounce their possessions and keep only items that are needed: robe, alms bowl, a belt, a razor, filter for water, staff and toothpick
( Diwali • Festival of lights is the most popular celebration • India: celebrated over 5 days @ the end of October and beginning November • During this celebration Hindus set off fireworks, decorate their houses w/ lights, give gifts and wear new clothes to celebrate the triumph of good knowledge over the dark forces of evil and ignorance • Lavish vegetarian dinners are prepared and traditional puja is performed at duck before the feast begins at dusk before the feast begins • Honours: • Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune • Vishnu, who defeated the demon Naraka • Commemorates Rama’s return to his kingdom after defeating Ravana, the evil king who had abducted his wife, Sita
( Swastika • Good luck symbol represents “well-being” • Usually drawn in red and is used on • wedding invitation, • decorative drawings • textiles and • in rituals to bring good luck • protect against evil • Image represents Shiva as Nataraj, the Lord of Dance, is a prevalent Hindu icon • The drums, that Shiva is whirling and playing, represents : • Sound • Speech • the divine truth heard through revelation
( Vishnu • The preserver of the universe • He is a loving and forgiving figure who brings salvation • Has 4 arms that holds: • Conch shell • Discus • Lotus • Mace • Has a divine eagle as his vehicle • Has many avatars/incarnations- appears on earth in a form of animal or human to conquer evil and establish righteousness • Many believes that his incarnation is Siddartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism
( Meditation • Hinduism: • To achieve union w/ God • Requires a sitting posture • Mediators tries to control their breathing so that it will not break their concentration o They concentrate on a single object, sound, or idea until they are in a deep state or experiencing the divine presence o The real experts are the swamis or holy men of India, who dedicated their life to mediate o Buddhism: o People pray through meditation- bowing, chanting and receiving offering o Leads to wisdom which then leads to the end of suffering o Enables a person to be composed and calm and to follow the precepts more closely o Improves: o Concentration o Calm the mind and clear it of bad thoughts from hatred, greed, ignorance o Confidence o Mental/physical health o Buddhists believe that meditation brings