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The Haunted School

In the year 2025 in a school known as deaths corp and was a class with 54 trainees.
Hi I’m Damian and I am going to tell you about the day was 10/31/25 it was raining hard my class had to clean the hallway because someone started a food fight one of my classmates her name is Kim she went to get something from the janitor’s closet when she went in the closet she found a door in the back of the closet it marked do not enter she called out to us !!! Hey guys get over here!!! we all ran to the janitors closet and asked him what happened she pointed to the door we all stared at the door for a minute then one of the girls opened the door her name is Jen she gets hyper a lot but that’s only when she eats candy but anyways back to her opening the door that says do not enter as she opened the door a portal formed and spirit’s, demons, ghoul’s, vampires, werewolves and many other creepy and scary monster and things. One of the boys in my class screamed his name is John he acts like he is all that but he’s not well back to him screaming as he was screaming a ghoul grabbed him then and took him in to the portal they took another one of my class mates her name is Des she is short but she has a big attitude problem well back to the ghoul taking her as she was about to go into the portal I grabbed her hand and told her to hang on then with everything I had I pulled her out of the portal then we all ran as we were running I noticed that something was happing with another one of my class mates his name is Dev he’s always quite it’s kind of weird we back to what was happing to him his eyes started to turn white and he started to grow a mask and a tail he was turning into a demon he started to look at des he was going to eat her as we were running to the stars to get to our class on the 3rd floor dev was still chasing us to get to des then Kim said let’s leave her behind but we couldn’t do that because if we did we would feel like crap so we told he no one get left behind even if it was you we finally got into the room an dev was stalking the outside of the door and hitting the door every 5 Minturn we all bricked the door with tables and anything else we could find then I heard this is all your fault Jen it was pat the only one in the class that everyone hate because of what he does well back to him blaming Jen then after he was blaming Jen I told him to shut up because if it was you then she would blame you for all this but he was saying that if she never opened the door Dev would still be human and John will still be here I told him to just shut up because all he does is talk but he said no and I’m think to myself should I punch him or should I throw him out of the class so Dev can eat him but then Jen got up and slapped him then he tried to slap her back but I was sanding him front of him and he was still trying to get past me then he did the one thing that got me pissed he pushed me and then he grabbed Jen by the hair after that I got so pissed that I tackled him to the wall and started to punch then after 10 Minturn’s I stopped then throw out of the class then Dev grabbed him and toke him down stars then we all heard a scream then the room got really cool we saw ice on then window after that Day Day saw that Kim wasn’t in the room anymore by the way Day Day is kind of stupid but at the same time crazy in a good way there were only 8 of us left we were all getting scared for our lives but just then we saw that the hallway saw clean so we left the class room an went down stars to see if anyone was still out there but there no one or thing except the lunchroom had blood all over the window around but the portal was will open we started to walk towards the portal then something pushed us in to the portal it was a ghoul and it toke over Anita then it forced her in there to now we are stuck in there world and we were greeted like quote un quote gods they toke us to a holing sell where they put callers on us like