The Haunting Of Hill House Analysis

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While Moonrise Kingdom and “The Haunting of Hill House” both consist of family issues, isolation, and the world of make-believe, they differ in that Sam and Suzy’s road to happiness is lively, whereas Eleanor’s road to happiness is caused by horrific events. This difference is significant because it reveals that the experience of the journey doesn’t change the effect of the outcome. Family issues and isolation start each protagonist’s journey, while the world of make-believe gives them a temporary illusion of happiness. The family issues and isolation that the protagonists of both the film and the novel face, initiate the journey to find their versions of happiness. In Moonrise Kingdom, Sam and Suzy don’t fit in with those of whom they try to associate with. It seems that they don’t try to fit in either, but if they do, it turns into a series of …show more content…
Although they also have family issues on top of their isolation, their situations differ. Sam lives in a foster family due to his parents’ death, whereas Suzy lives with her parents and her three younger siblings, the same applying to Eleanor in “The Haunting of Hill House”, with the exception of not living with her parents, but living with a sibling. In “The Haunting of Hill House”, Eleanor lives with her sister and her sister’s family, but she “genuinely hate[s]” (3) her sister. She has no friends either and has trouble communicating for that reason, the same way Sam and Suzy have difficulties relating to society. Although Eleanor makes friends at Hill House, she is still neglected by the others. This is evident when Eleanor runs back to Theodora and Luke and Theo asks “what on earth do you want this time?” (159) in an “almost angry” (159) tone. Her sister is less concerned with her condition and wants to know “how to reach her if