The healthcare between China and UK Essay

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Nowadays,the healthcare systems has been pay a lot of attention by different countries because a impeccable healthcare system could improve the people's health rate.This essay will compare and contrast the UK national health service(NHS)which is one of the most efficient,most egalitarian system in the world and the Chinese health insurance(CHI) which is incomplete.As it well know the british health system(NHS) is the one of the largest publicly funded health service and the Chinese is a developing country which has the largest population.Although Chinese government could not pay enough money to complete the healthcare system,they also pay a lot of effort to build this system.So the UK healthcare system is a good example for Chinese to learn it.


UK as a developed country which has the one of the completely healthcare in the world, and China as a developing country which has the largest population in the world.They are limited similar between the healthcare system. But there are also can be find some common part between the two healthcare system NHS and CHI. Firstly, the two system has the same performance since this two system has been established. Apparently,the NHS system in UK has launched in1948 and the CHI in china was established in 1951. Since this two system was established, the life expectantly has been rising and infant mortality has been falling. Moreover, the medical level of the two healthcare system are similar.Although China is a developing country,China also have one of the most advanced medical technology and hospital network as UK. Specially,The NHS in England is the biggest part of the system by far, catering to a population of 53 million, which is almost covered whole british people. The CHI in China is covered all workers ,whether pay effort in work or retried,whether work for government or work for personal, whether urban population or country population, they all have the welfare by CHI in China.

Compare with the similar part, there are more different part between the healthcare system of two countries.Firstly, the most evident part is the expense. The NHS in England is free for all the people in England, include the overseas student and people from other countries worked in England, what"s more, The NHS in England covers everything from antenatal screening and routine treatments for longterm conditions, to transplants,emergency treatments and end-of-life care. Conversely,Although the CHI in China pay a part money for Chinese people like doctor"s free and some medicine free, the expensive medicine free must afford by patient themselves. moreover, the CHI in china just free for Chinese people. Other countries people in China can"t have this welfare. Secondly,the funding for NHS in UK comes directly from taxation and the funding of CHI in China comes from the people's salary and company. Lastly,the difference between healthcare system of the two countries also can be find in the effective part. The efficiency of HNS in UK is very low, and it appears waiting lists and an inability to treat particular patients or particular conditions. The