The Heart of a Monster Essay

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In society today, many of us are being judged by our appearance and not by what is in our hearts. The Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame gives us a clear picture of how many people are being missed judged. In the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame it was surrounded by love, hate, freedom, but most of all it shows how not to judge a person based on their looks. Quasi is looked at different from the other people in town he believes that he is a monster. Was Quasi really a monster? In today’s world it is the norm to look at someone based on their outer appearance.
The main character in the movie is Quasimodo. Quasi was the child of a gypsy woman, who was killed by this evil priest that goes by the name of Frollo. Quasi was not born like normal children he had a sickness that caused him to be deformed. Even though Quasi appeared to be a monster, but in actuality he was caring, loving, friendly and very compassionate. Quasi was very shy, he never got a chance to see what the people in his town was really like he always watched from a far. Scared of what the towns’ people may think of him he remained in the cathedral, where he was placed by the evil Frollo isolated from the real world. Frollo was the evil priest that put him there making him feel as if he was not human. Quasi was constantly told by Frollo that he was an ugly monster. Quasi had a job that he did everyday he was known as the bell ringer. In this novel Hugo motive was to show people that the world should…