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Student Name: Rita Elena Cervantes
Novel Title: The Help
Author: Kathryn Stockett

Personal Reflection
Summarize five different events from the novel. Each summary must be 2-3 complete sentences and must be documented.
Explain how or why you can relate to each specific circumstance. Responses must be 2-3 complete sentences and must offer details.
1. While Abileen serves food and drinks, she hears Mrs. Hilly talking about Minnie stealing from Miss Walter. Since Miss Walter is older they think Minnie stole from her. (ch.1) I can relate to this because Hilly is saying that Minnie stole when she really didn’t. This has happened to friends of mine that are falsely accused of something they didn’t do.
2. Abileen calls Minnie at Miss Leefot’s house. Miss Hilly is telling people that she is a thief. Abileen knows Minnie doesn’t steal. This is why she can’t get a job.(ch.2) It’s sad to be accused of something you didn’t do. You work hard to be honest in life where you tell the truth and you do not steal from others but yet you can still be blamed.
3. Minnie makes a special pie for Mrs. Hilly made out of her poo. Minnie did this all out of revenge. Mrs. Hilly eats two slices of pie.(ch.2) Getting even is not always the solution. Although you want revenge it’s important to work out your differences.
4. Minnie wants Celia to go hang out with some ladies, but Celia says none of the ladies will return her call. Because they think Celia was with Hilly’s boyfriend at the same time. (ch.4) This relates to me because as a kid I was not a follower and never gave into peer pressure. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, but that was fine.
5. When Skeeter arrives home, her mother tells her that Constantine left to go live with family in Chicago. Skeeter can't get anybody to tell her any details or give her Constantine's new address. (ch.5) This relates to me because my grandma is in a retirement home. I feel the same way Skeeter does. Pretty much sad and longing for their loved one to come back home.

SETTING: Q#1: Identify the setting of the story; include geographical details, time period, and conditions.
All of this took place back in the early 60’s, In Jackson, Mississippi, the colored part of the town, where the “help” was a big deal.

Q #2: What do you like about the setting, and what did you dislike? Why? Explain your answer.
I loved the setting. The setting was very realistic and the era was perfect. I personally love the 60’s and the 70’s because it was that time in history where the white community and the black community become equal.

A. CHARACTERS: Q#3: Identify the main character and explain why you liked or disliked him/her.

The main character is Skeeter Phelan. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, by the help Constantine. I loved Skeeter because she had respect for the help and didn’t disrespect them.

Q#4: Is there one character that is similar to you? Discuss about three ways you are alike.
Me and Skeeter are very similar in many different ways. For one thing we both have a passion for writing. Skeeter has respect for everyone and so do I. and we both have curly hair.

B. CONFLICT: Q#5: What is the most important conflict in this novel? Explain why.

The most conflict in this book was between the black community and the white community. It was either about bathrooms and how white people can get diseases from black people. Or it was from the book Skeeter and the help wrote.

Q#6: How would you have resolved the conflict (problem) in the book?

I personally would’ve done the same thing Skeeter did. I would’ve exposed what the help went through. All the disrespect and pain they went through.
C: THEME: Q#7: Write a theme statement for your novel; MUST include title of novel and complete name of author. Remember theme should NOT be a single word; it must make a statement about your selected theme.