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Someone Should Quiet the Crow Jim Crow laws were created because slavery was abolished and many whites believed that the blacks where beneath them. I believe that whites where afraid of the black person would retaliate for the poor treatment when they were slaves. The Jim Crow laws were made so that the white person would still have the upper hand but the black person was still beneath them. Although the Jim Crow laws did not mention any particular race, however they were written in a way that applied that it was to the black community. According to an article in The Jackson Sun, Lerone Bennett was a successful writer in Mississippi. Mr. Bennett was also the executive editor of Ebony. Mr. Bennett thought that the Jim Crow laws where created because the whites where afraid blacks would be a threat once they became citizens and could vote. With slavery being abolished the average slave was now the free black man who could basically do anything the white man could do. Did this pose a threat? I agree with Mr Bennett, the whites where afraid what the blacks would do with this power. The Jim Crow Laws might have been created to embarrass and show the black man just where his place was in society. For example when a black man went to vote a test was given with trick questions, sometimes poll taxes where created to stop blacks from voting. Looking at the Jackson Sun‘s examples of the Jim Crow Laws in several states the most common law was intermarriage and the segregation of hospital care. In the state of Alabama, any type of transportation and restrooms where to be separated from the white person. The state of Mississippi had a law that prohibited anyone who promoted equality in anyway. The Jackson Sun describes the promotion of equality as promoting intermarriage between whites and black race. If violated this law one could pay a