Death In My Life

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These past few years have been hectic, with lots of changes. One of the major ones is that my mother married an amazing man, Jay. He has truly been a godsend to us all. Not only does he take care of my mother, but he’s also welcomed the responsibilities of raising two children. My biological father isn’t a bad dad, but Jay has been the main father figure in my life. Although I’ve only known him a few years, our connection makes it seem like he’s always been part of our family. I never would have thought that a man could take my dad’s place, but Jay has.

When Jay married my mom, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To be honest, I anticipated the worst. I had seen what happened in some of my friends’ families and I was worried. I soon realized there was no need to be because Jay was different from other stepdads. He wasn’t the control freak I had expected; in fact, he’s probably the most generous and loving man I know.

Jay came into my life when I needed him most - my grandmother was ill with cancer, and we knew we were losing her. Jay was always able to take our minds off the situation, and when he was there, it made me feel like everything would be okay.

I could tell immediately how perfect Jay was for my mom. He won me over when I saw how he would drive in from a job site just to sit and hold my mom’s hand when she was upset about my grandmother.

It’s funny how Jay and I think alike. You would almost think I was his biological daughter by the way we act. What I