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Title: The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fractions Book
Author: Jerry Pallotta and Rob Bolster
Grade Level: 2nd grade
California State Standards:
By the end of grade two, students understand place value and number relationships in addition and subtraction. They measure quantities with appropriate units.
Number Sense
2.4.0 Students understand that fractions and decimals may refer to parts of a set and parts of a whole:
2.4.1 Recognize, name, and compare unit fractions from 1⁄12 to 1⁄2.
2.4.2 Recognize fractions of a whole and parts of a group (e.g., one-fourth of a pie, two-thirds of 15 balls).
2.4.3 Know that when all fractional parts are included, such as four-fourths, the result is equal to the whole and to one.
Students will be able to:
Create fraction problems using a whole Hershey’s chocolate bar.
Write 4 different fractions to represent what they did with manipulative’s (Hershey’s bar).
Define whether the end result of the fraction is more or less than what they began with (whole Hershey’s bar)
Activity Sequence:
Launch: As a class read “The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fractions Book” by Jerry Pallotta and Rob Bolster. As the book is read, through a choral structure, the bars of chocolate will be handed out. The teacher will show, using manipulatives (chocolate bar) exactly what the book says. Discuss with the students what happened when the chocolate bar was split into 12 pieces and what happened when the bar is paired with more than one piece.
Explore: Using the chocolate bars and the book ask each question the book asks: How did we get to the fractions of one-third? Show with the candy bar how it can be