Essay about The Hidden World

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Mrs. Powell
Pre-AP English
20 August 2012

The Hidden World

I found myself rushing down three flights of stairs again, hoping that maybe I could get there before any of them. They’re all faster, stronger, and larger than me but maybe, just maybe there will be a little bit left…I jumped, taking two steps at a time and turning these sharp corners at just the right moment to find…another empty table. My greedy brother and two sisters are closest to the dining room, and little I, the youngest of us four, am once again left with nothing but a half a loaf of bread. I sigh and work back up the stairs, book and bread in hand. We work here in Hotel Cambridge for two elderly folk to help pay off Momma’s bills, though I’m not old enough to do a full-time job, so I entertain myself by reading and exploring this ancient place. Most recently I’ve found this old brown toga up on the sixth floor. Everyone says it’s haunted up there, but I think it’s even more interesting than the rest of the hotel. I can feel something different, like an exhilarating rush when I’m there. Two days ago, I decided to put it on. I don’t really know why I felt compelled to do so, but as soon as it touched my shoulders, the hotel melted away and I saw snowy hills before my eyes. I looked up and hanging in an aged wooden archway was a sign written in elegant gold letters: Welcome to Narnia. This new world is so exciting! I’ve found massive purple fruits dangling from the trees and furry creatures