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This article from BleacherReport first started covering the status of NBA star and franchise center Andrew Bynum of the Philadelphia 76ers early October. It has updated me on the injury status of Bynum every two or three days, starting when the “minor” right knee injury was first released to the press to the serious “arthritis” and missing cartilage in BOTH knees. The 76ers organization first tried to keep the injury from being released into the public, then continued to downplay its seriousness. To add to this, the player (Bynum) worsened his injury by neglecting recommendations from the team doctor and logic.
I despise this article. Why? Because I was a fan of Andrew Bynum and used my first-round draft pick in my Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball League this season. Despite his injury-prone status, I had believed that, based on his stellar play and relatively healthy season last year, he would be a breakout star in Philadelphia. Turns out that was not the case. Even so, I take no fault at the article writers; they are simply doing their jobs. I am disappointed, however, with the 76ers organization, its public relations department, as well as Bynum himself. How could they withhold such important details and continue to deny the seriousness of a player’s injury? How could said player, who should have known the seriousness of his injury, even think about bowling when such as sport requires fluid, powerful, and stable knees? The scheduled live draft of my fantasy league was