The History and Origin of Film Making Essay examples

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The History and Origin of Film Making Film making has been around for a long time now, but most people don’t realize how incredible an achievement it was when it first started. Before film there were no movies. It is very hard for me to even imagine a world without movies, a world where people had to use their imagination to make a story come to life through spoken and written word. That was what life was life about 140 years ago. People lived that way until the late 1880’s, when the first movie camera was invented by Frenchmen Louis Le Prince. Louis employed paper bands and celluloid film from John Carbutt and or Blair & Eastman in 1¾ inch width. Louis’ also created the first film, entitled “Roundhay Garden Scene”. This film still exists and is currently considered the earliest surviving motion picture. Louis Le Prince sparked a revolution and was soon followed by other big names in early film making. Names like William Friese-Greene the inventor of the ‘chronophotographic’ camera, or Thomas Edison the inventor of the first movie viewing system called Kinetoscope. William’s design ended up to be unreliable though, and did not make much of an impression on history. Thomas Edison eventually perfected his system and named his new movie camera the Kinetograph. The first Kinetoscope required someone to insert a coin and then looking through a small peephole. This was not only impractical, also was not commercially friendly. The design obviously needed