The History And Types Of Chemistry

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Table Of Contents
Math Of Chemistry
Significant Figures
Units Of Measurement
Atomic Structure
History Of Atomic Theory
Difference Between Bohr And Wave Mechanical Models
Atomic Mass
Atomic Number
Average Atomic Mass(sample Calculations)
Isotopic Notations
Atomic Calculations Ions(atomic Charge)
Electric Configurations
Lewis Dot Diagram(electron Dot)Diagrams for Atoms And Ions
Exited And Ground State
Atomic Spectra
Periodic Table
Group Vs. Periods
What do the elements in a group share?
6 Metalloids
Definitions:Electronegativity,Ionization Energy,Atomic Radius
Periodic Trends in EN,IE,AR
How does an atom's size change when it gains and loses electrons? what are Allotropes
Electron Dot Diagram
How Is the Table Arranged?
Metals V Non-Metals
Important Groups
Types Of Compounds
Ionic V Molecular compound Properties
Covalent V Ionic Bonds
Lewis Dot Diagrams For Ionic and Molecular Compounds
How to Write Formulas
Molecular Prefixes
Metallic Bonds
Molecular Polarity
How to Name Compounds
The Mole
Mole Calculations
Gram Formula Mass
Percent Composition
Chemical Reactions
Law Of Conservation Mass
6 Types Of Reactions
How And Why Do we Balance Equations?
Exothermic V Endothermic Reaction
Collision Theory
Exo V Endo PE Diagrams
5 Factors that affect rate of reaction
Pure Substances V Mixtures
Different Kinds Pure Substances V Mixtures
Separation Of Mixtures
Examples of Circle Diagrams For Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
6 Phase Changes
Definition Of Specific Heat Capacity Heat Of Fusion And Heat Of Vaporization
Examples Of Heat Calculations
Phase Change diagram
Vapor Pressure
When does Something Boil? How do You Read Table H?
Solutions And Solubility
Definitions of Solute,Solvent,Solutions,Saturated,Unsaturated,Supersaturated
What Affect Solubility Of Gases And Solids?
How To Read Table F and G
What Are Electrolytes?
Formulas For Concentration
How Do Boiling Points And Freezing Points Change When You Add Solutes To Water?
Acids And