The History Of American Law

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Law is a set of rules that bind a group or individuals together to stay on the right path within a society. The law is mainly used to protect others and their property. Any undesirable activity is against the law. Basically, the law is a high authority that everyone must follow in order to keep peace.
I feel like if the situation is permitted in the foreign country Castle & Cooke will not be violating any US laws. When you look at the functions of the law it includes maximizing an individual’s freedom, fairness and flexibility. According to the 1st amendment to the US Constitution, an individual has the right of freedom of speech, religion and association. Secondly the American legal system is one of the most fair and democratic systems of law ever enforced, and last but not least U.S law evolves and changes along with norms of society, technology and the growth of the world. I want to focus on the last sentence about how the U.S evolves with and changes along with norms and growth of the world. So since it is permitted in the foreign country for the employee to run for public office, it would not violate U.S laws. It would not be seen as bribery because it is a norm in the foreign country.
As far as ethics go, if this is permitted it might not be 100% ethical but since it is not against the law, people will accept it. Ethicality is judged by how the consequences of the action will affect the rights of other and since this situation will not harm anyone or is not seen as…