The History Of Edology

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Welcome to Edology! Where education and technology thrives! The city Edology was named after its outstanding education curriculum and its great use of technology. Edology has an exceptional population of 3000. We determine the population of Edology because of it's good deal of pull factors, for example, a great source of jobs, plenty of remarkable schools and a good economy. We decided to make our community an urban society; we made this decision by thinking about how a society would look like base on today’s technology and education. Many people across the world are attracted to our city giving us a multicultural community. Most of Edology’s population is made up of young adults because some adults come for our big name schools and others come for happiness of being an entrepreneurial. Edology became a big success but it was able to offer outstanding education to minds of the next generation and to provide a great resource of technology! People would want to live in our community because Edology has wonderful economy, great sources of jobs, big name schools and has two major attractions ( a mega mall, a giant waterfall and a world-class arena). As Edology is known for having a great amount of jobs, most of the positions are taken up by commuters; resulting in 43% of Edology population as workers which is about 1290 people. We chose 43% of Edology because young adults have to go to university which takes up 3-10 years of thier life. Adolescents go to school while,babies and the elderly stay at home. About 51% work in big name companies because the companies attract people with big paychecks and great benefits. Another 6% work in malls, arenas and grocery store because it provides young adults with a steady source of income. Adding on 31% work in institutional jobs because graduates want to start their careers that would start their life into becoming a true adult. Finally, 12% are self-employed. People in Edology live in a linear and scattered fashion. This provides them with a suburban feel that most people would want. In addition some people live in a gated community this is provided to those who earn more money than others. The