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The History of English Setters
The reason that I am choosing English Setters as my subject is because we currently have three of them as pets, but they are also very well-trained hunting dogs. When they are not out in the field training or hunting for pheasant, quail, grouse, or dove, they are at home, relaxing and being spoiled. They’re a very loving bread and great family pets, yet need room to run and search for those birds. I have been curious about the history of the breed for some time, so this gives me a reason to research and expand my knowledge on our pets.
The research question I chose is “What is the history of English Setters?” I was able to find some interesting history on English Setters as a breed, but it was quite limited. I had no idea that the breed has been around for over 400 years in England and they are a cross between the French Pointer and Spanish Pointer. The dogs are a medium size with an average height of 24 inches and weight of about 60 pounds. The breed is very soft with hair that can have a slight wave. When English Setters are groomed they have what is called a “flag” on the tail, and the legs have “feathers”. They come in multiple different colors but usually have a white base with different color patched or speckles that are black, blue, lemon, liver, orange, or Belton. The color Belton refers to a rare color combination that has a base color and then white speckles.
Although the breed is very family friendly and great with children, with a very gentle domineer, they need room to run and release all the built up energy within. They are not a breed for a small space like an apartment or town-home. They need to be walked multiple times a day and have room to roam. Either suburban or country living would be best suited for them to be able to release that