The Significant Achievements Of The Mesopotamian Empire

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Objective Questions:
2.01- Three significant achievements of the Mesopotamian civilization were the wheel, the first writing system, cuneiform, and the Ziggurat. These achievements were important because that way they could communicate and transport to different locations and so that they could have a place to pray to their gods.
2.02- The difference between a monarchy and an oligarchy is when a monarchy is a form of government in which the people are led by one ruler, usually a king, who takes power legally and often hands the throne down to his son. Oligarchy- a form of government in which the people are led by a small group of people, often wealthy aristocrats. This isn't usually very beneficial to the majority of the population.
2.03- The decline of Rome was a significant event because of all the deaths and troubles happening during this time period.
2.04- The Golden Age is a time of great prosperity, learning, and advances in thought, technology, art, literature, science and research. It is also usually a time of peace, though victorious wars are often part and parcel of a Golden Age. Chandra Gupta ruled and the Gupta dynasty took place during India’s Golden Age.
2.05- A dynasty is a long hereditary line of rulers. The Mandate of Heaven relates to dynasties in China because it was used to in each dynasty to choose the rulers.
2.07- The Axum conquered Nuba and adopted Christianity in the 4th century. Axum declines because of the Muslim states conflict over trade