The History Of The Technical Revolution

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Over time America has made quite a few changes. We went through a technical revolution where things such as computers, internet, and cell phones came to be known. We have become so dependent on these technologies that we find it hard to picture our lives without them. Many people would be lost without their computers. Computers are so common now; it’s rare if someone doesn’t have one. However, life in America was not always like this. In fact, before 1976 it was rare if someone did have a computer in their home. The world’s first computer weighed over 30 tons, and was the size of a small house! Later, in 1959, a man named Robert Noyce made the first integrated circuit. An integrated circuit is a complete electronic circuit on a single chip of silicon. Then, in 1968, Noyce and his colleague Gordon Moore formed Intel, which was a company that changed computers by combining many integrated circuits containing memory and computing functions on a single chip. These new chips were called microprocessors. Microprocessors reduced the size of computers and increased their speed. In 1976, a man named Stephen Wozniak and his friend Steven Jobs built a smaller computer that could be used for personal use. This computer became known as the Apple Computer. Their invention of the Apple Computer influenced competition. In 1981 International Business Machines(IBM) came up with its own small computer called the “Personal Computer” (PC). Competition hasn’t stopped yet, and computers continue to become more and more advanced. One of these advancements came when a man named Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft to design PC software, which were the instructions used to program computers to perform certain tasks. Microsoft, itself, has changed America. Since the invention of Microsoft, almost every business in America uses at least one computer. Along with computers came the internet. The internet has definitely changed American culture. Research that once took months and years to come up with now takes only minutes. No matter what it is you want to look up, you can find it somewhere on the internet. Decades ago people would pay thousands of dollars for a 32-volume set of encyclopedias, which had limited information. Now, just to get that information and more, it takes about 30 seconds. Americans have become spoiled with information now that we have the internet. Not only does the internet give us the information we want, it also makes it easier for us to communicate and keep in contact with our friends and family. Instead of writing letters, or simply using the telephone, we can now communicate through